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This Simple Sponge Cake Will Turn Your Frown Upside Down

This sponge cake recipe is a must-know for every woman. My mother has always said that a girl needs to have a basic knowledge about any recipe in the kitchen. It’s because these basic recipes are actually what will help you create the more complicated recipes. She told me that if I want to make a complicated stew, I should know how to make a basic beef stew. If I want to make a really beautiful cake, I should be able to make a simple pound cake or a simple sponge cake, which are mostly the base for most cakes.


My mom has her own sponge cake recipe, but I figured that sometimes, I need to find something by my own. This sponge cake recipe is what I found. It’s very simple and very easy to make, but you will be surprised at how well it will turn out. Just follow all the steps indicated and you will have your perfect sponge cake by the end of it all.

This sponge cake recipe gives you the best moist sponge cake that I have ever tasted. Everyone will surely fall in love with this once you serve it to them. Other than that, you can make this simple sponge cake into a full blown cake if it’s for a special occasion!

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