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This Dreamy Peanut Butter And Banana Cream Pie Will Make You Swoon

My friends and I loved doing bake sales when we were in college. If you see us together, you wouldn’t imagine us as a group of people who raised money for charity. We were, after all, a really noisy crowd who always laughed and made fun of each other. But it’s true. When we were in college, we joined this organization who raised money for the homeless. One of our ways in achieving that was through bake sales. We set up a little booth inside the university and sold different types of sweet treats. Most of us knew how to cook and bake, which helped achieve the purpose easier.

Some of us did the marketing and posted posters and gave away flyers. I was part of those who slaved away in the kitchen the day before the bake sale.

This recipe that I am about to share with you reminds me of those days. Those days when we all felt happy while doing something that worthwhile. Giving something to people who have less than you felt nice- there is something about the thought of giving that just makes our hearts feel good.
Pies are favorites in every potluck or every reunion that I have attended. Most of the dishes that become empty in minutes are fruit pies and casseroles. Since I wanted to bring something new other than my usual cakes and pasta recipes, I brought one of these pies for dessert. The potluck gathering was just a few minutes away from our house so traveling with the pie was a breeze. What can I say- during that night, this pie of mine was one of the stars of the table. It’s a simple pie that doesn’t take too much of your time and effort. It’s a no-bake pie that will satisfy the stomach and hearts of the ones you love.
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