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These Kebabs Will Make You The Grillmeister Of The Year!

If you’re anything like my husband, you make most of your summertime meals on the grill. I always joke that as soon as the first spring days are here, he sets up a big BBQ and it doesn’t stop until the rainy fall days force him to move back inside.

Now, I’m not complaining – he makes absolutely delicious dinners on the grill and I only have to whip up a quick salad to go with them! But I have to admit at some point you kind of want a little change, after you’ve tried your usual grilled ribs, chicken and steak (and all kinds of versions of them). So I thought I’d surprise my husband with a new recipe and give him a day off of cooking.

I found these really tasty looking kebabs over at Necessary Indulgences and they seemed so easy to make, I decided to give them a try. I wasn’t able to find ground lamb that day but I did have plenty of ground beef. I also didn’t use fresh mint, since my husband is not a great fan. But even with these changes, the kebabs turned out super delicious!

I served these with homemade tzatziki sauce and some pretty awesome potato wedges I roasted in the oven. So yummy! The best part is, these only take a few minutes to cook so it’s even faster than getting takeout.

You could prepare the meat mixture ahead (I bet that would only make the flavors better) and form the kebabs right before you throw them on the grill. But don’t forget to soak those wood skewers in water first! They’re going to need at least 30 minutes so that they won’t burn. You could basically add any of your favorite herbs to tweak the flavors to your taste!

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