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The Natural Cleaner Your Nasty Toilet Needs

I’m a huge fan of eco cleaning products. With two little kids running around, I’m always looking for any natural cleaning product that cuts down on harmful toxins in my house and makes cleaning easier. And few cleaning products are as packed with toxins as toilet cleaners. Instead, I went to my pantry to grab supplies for this baking soda and vinegar cleaner. The result? My toilet has never sparkled like this!
Start by gathering vinegar and baking soda from your pantry. You can also pick up some essential oil to add a fresh touch. Then, head on over to that dingy, dirty toilet…
green toilet bowl cleaner
Gross, right? I’m embarrassed to even show it to you, but you need to see how it started to appreciate how awesome this homemade cleaner actually is. Step 1: Spray in Vinegar
green toilet bowl cleaner

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