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Texas Corn Nuggets

One of our favorite things about a get-together, apart from the great company, is sampling all the great dishes everyone brings to the party! Now, we love a good casserole – anything creamy and cheesy always has our name on it – but, finger food is really the way to go when there’s a crowd of people looking to mingle about and catch up with one another. Which is why we’re always trying out new recipes and seeing what needs tweaking in order to get it just right…which is exactly what happened with these Texas corn nuggets!

We love all manner of yummy fried foods, but these corn nuggets were new for us. They’ve got whole corn kernels and creamed corn, frozen into balls, then dipped in a tasty, seasoned batter and fried to perfection. These nuggets are so good – you could even add in some cheese if you had some on hand – and we’ve gotten rave reviews from everyone who have tried them. If croquettes are your thing, you’ll definitely love these guys, so grab some corn and get frying!

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