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Terra Cotta FlowerPot Girl

Terra Cotta Pot people are so cute and adorable and easy to make, believe it or not. They are a wonderful addition to any type of garden. Just take a look at this sweet looking flower pot girl I made for my outdoor area. For a complete tutorial visit http://plumperfectandme.blogspot.com/2013/06/terra-cotta-flower-pot-girl.html

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I got most of my pots at the craft store for 50% off and the larger ones I used for the body were reasonably priced at the hardware store. Here’s a breakdown of what I used:

12 clay pots – 5″ for legs

12 clay pots – 4.25″ for arms

2 clay pots – 8.25″ for body

1 clay pot – 8.25″ for head

1 pool noodle

Jute rope – approx. 6 yards

Outdoor acrylic paint/sharpie paint pens or terra cotta paint pens

E6000 glue

Accessories to decorate pots

Clear acrylic sealer

*Update – I made this back in 2013, and as the result of the harsh winter of 2015, and leaving the pot girl outside, I would use nylon rope instead of jute twine. Unfortunately, the plaited twine deteriorated in places.

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