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Super Easy Planter Upcycle

I really try to be conscious not to create unnecessary waste with the items I purchase but it’s difficult simply because of how they’re packaged; consequently every week we put SO many items into our recycle bin. Thankfully (or perhaps hopefully) they do actually get recycled into something useful versus a pile of junk in a landfill. I’m making it a point to repurpose as much as I possibly can instead of purchasing more, it’s a win win really, for my budget, the environment plus I enjoy a challenge.

Since I can’t work anymore and don’t have pets gardening and art are my pastimes. Many of my plants are doing very well and growing like crazy [YAY] so I’ve been trimming, rooting, repotting and gifting like crazy. I find that my yogurt and cottage cheese containers make for excellent planters. Here is an example of just one style I’ve been doing as of late.

super easy planter upcycle, Use any empty clean container
Use any empty & clean container

There really is no right or wrong size container, it just depends on the size & type plant you’re using. Make sure you’re planter is large enough to hold the soil and roots.

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