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Sticky Pineapple Rice

When looking for an easy side dish, rice is always a dependable option. It pairs well with a wide variety of dishes and even the picky eaters will typically gobble it up. We’ve made our fair share of different rice recipes over the years and have found some real gems, but this Pineapple Sticky Rice is our absolute new favorite! It’s a miracle a bowl full of it even made it to the dinner table because I was all but shoveling it into my mouth after I first tasted it. Seriously, this dish is too tasty to pass up!

The recipe itself is actually quite simple (possibly why I was so surprised by the incredible flavor!). Some high quality jasmine rice is cooked in water mixed with a can of crushed pineapple, juices included. A little sugar and butter are thrown in to make the dish super rich and give the rice a sticky texture. Finish it off with fresh lime juice and chopped green onions and this beautiful side dish is ready to serve!

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