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Stacked Planter Fountain

The inspiration for this project came from one of my favorite people, my Mom. She has her back porch set up perfected, a covered gazebo, beautiful green grass, an oasis of a garden with an included water feature surrounded by lush floral and evergreens. Shes even painted her concrete slab to look like over sized terracotta tiles… Creativity runs in my blood, I’m convinced.

I have really been trying to create a back yard space that we want to be in. We have almost an acre fenced out back and so far the only thing we have done with it is occupy it with my pet chickens. They have a 10×14 foot coop off the the side of my backyard and are now contained to one corner of the space with a fenced off run, don’t worry, they have more than enough room, and I will likely be doing a tutorial on their upgraded fence soon! If any of you own chickens, you know containment is the only hope you have for any kind of garden bed. So now that these landscape destroyers are contained I can finally create the beautiful backyard I’ve been dreaming of since I bought my home in 2015!

I started researching fountains, and OH MY are they pricey! I wanted something on the larger scale to really be the focal point of my patio transformation, but most in my price range were tiny, like the kind you may sit in the middle of a patio side table…. I thought I may have to put my fountain on the back burner and save for the one I really wanted. I was searching pinterest for other ideas, decorative planters and so forth when inspiration struck! A stacked flower pot fountain! There were a couple posts on pinterest about assembling one on your own but nothing that really fit the bill. I wanted it as simple, yet, substaintal as possible! Here is what I collected for this project:

stacked planter fountain
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