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So Easy Homemade Beer Cheese

Cook time: 10 Min Prep time: 30 Min
2 lb block sharp cheddar cheese
8 oz block white pepper jack cheese
1 Tbsp worcestershire sauce
2 clove fresh garlic-minced
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1 bottle stale beer ( i use bud light)
chopped veggies or crackers for dipping
1. If you don’t have stale beer, pour the bottle in a sauce pan and boil. Grind both cheeses and add the rest of the ingredients and mix.
2. Depending if you want smooth creamy cheese or not, add the beer (still WARM for creamy) to the cheese mixture. I like mine not smooth, but only discovered that after I made it both ways. Room temperature stale beer or cool for not so smooth. Blend completely and cover. Refrigerate over night. Can be served the next day. Great pairing is celery to really taste all the flavors of the cheese and spices.
3. Tips….mistakes I made that might save you 🙂 1. Do not and I repeat, DO NOT use the store bought bagged shredded cheese. It is not suitable from my experience to stay tasty and tastes fatty. 2. Depending on taste, I perferred the Sharp Cheese block over the Extra Sharp. The extra sharp just seemed too bitter. 3. If you don’t like white pepper jack cheese, use 1/4 t. Tabasco. The P.J. Cheese doesn’t make it too spicy. That opinion is from someone who hates spicy food… (not me) 5. The total amount will fit into about 3 medium size Mason jars. Before it gets too hard, I put them in the jars, then refrigerate them over night.
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