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Smokey Stuffed Mushrooms

I LOVE mushrooms any way I can get them. I made this recipe up one night because I was craving something different. Even my then 3 year old who said she didn’t like mushrooms gobbled them up! WARNING: These are addictive and it’s a fattening dish because of the bacon drippings and or butter :)… but please go ahead and give them a try!
-We really enjoyed these mushrooms! The filling is different than most stuffed mushrooms I’ve had, but that makes them unique and delicious. Also I had a little leftover filling which I made into a snack by spreading on crackers… it was good that way too!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe Karen!
-I love mushrooms, too and I love your recipe! I needed to make them gluten-free so I substituted 1/2 c of toasted, chopped candied pecans for the bread crumbs and the crunchy sweetness was wonderful with these creamy, savory and delicious stuffed mushrooms.
-Oh Yes !!
My kid of food from heaven!
Congrats on your BLUE RIBBON!!
Pinched …….

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