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– This is pretty much how I remember my grandmother making her fried cabbage. The cabbage came from her garden, and she would use a half a pound of real thick sliced bacon because she was feeding a lot of people usually. She would cut the bacon into “lardons”, and when it was cooked crisp, take it out and put it aside and then cook the cabbage, salt, pepper and only a teaspoon of sugar until the cabbage was carmelized in areas and soft and fragrant.

She would put it all in a serving bowl, add the bacon back in, mix it with a serving spoon, and put the vinegar cruet right next to it on the table. Amazing! She has been gone many years, but every time I see this recipe I think of her.

– This is a quick version. Put some butter in a wok or large skillet. Slice up the cabbage and add to butter. Stir it around to coat with butter and salt the cabbage lightly. Stir from time to time moving the bottom to the top. Whe you see some nice brown edges and the cabbage become translucent its done. Takes about 10 min. Sprinkle with some Parmesan cheese. Even my 18 month old loves this veggie!!

– I make this all time…minus the butter, you don’t need it. I always cook my cabbage in chicken broth. I also use the leftover broth as a base in vegetable and chicken soups (Freeze in ice cube trays for future use with cooking veggies too). Not to mention that the broth tastes wonderful on its own (especially when you are sickk)!

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