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Signs of Pancreatic Problems and Home Remedies to Treat an Ailing Pancreas

4. Diabetes. If you are of a healthy weight and have a good diet when you are diagnosed with type II diabetes, ask your doctor if there is something wrong with your pancreas. If your diabetes suddenly becomes too difficult to manage, you may also want to speak to your doctor.
5. Floating, light colored stool. Funny-looking poo is a sign of something funky happening in the body. In the case of floating, light colored stool, your body is signaling poor nutrient absorption. Yet another red flag for pancreatic problems is oily or greasy stool. This comes from the pancreas’ inability to break down fat.
To keep your pancreas healthy and to relieve pancreatitis symptoms, try these home remedies:
1. Lightly steamed vegetables. A plant-based diet is best for people with chronic pancreatitis. While raw vegetables contain the most vitamins and minerals, if raw vegetables are irritating to your digestive track, try them lightly steamed, as recommended by Alive.
2. Hydrotherapy. To treat painful pancreatitis symptoms, lie on your back. Ask a loved one or assistant to cover your bare chest and abdomen with two towels wrung in warm water. Make sure the towels are not too hot as to burn the skin. Cover the warm towels with a dry towel and blanket. Rest for five minutes before removing the hot towels and replacing them with a thin towel wrung in cold water. Place the cold towel on the bare chest and abdomen, cover with a dry towel and blanket, and rest for ten minutes. Remove the towels, flip over to lie on your stomach, and repeat with the hot and cold towels, as recommended by Alive.

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