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Shrimp Pesto Pasta

This recipe for shrimp pesto pasta is spaghetti tossed in a flavorful pesto sauce, then topped with sauteed shrimp and tomatoes. A fresh and easy dinner that’s quick to make and packed with flavor!

If you’ve been reading her for a while, you know I’m ALL about the easy dinner ideas. It doesn’t get much simpler than this shrimp pesto pasta! The whole thing is ready in about 20 minutes, you can’t beat that!

I like to use spaghetti for my shrimp pesto pasta, but linguine or fettuccine would also be great. While the pasta is boiling, I cook up my shrimp. After the noodles are done, I simply toss the pasta with the shrimp, pesto, add some tomatoes and cheese, and dinner is served!

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