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Shake Up Your Dinner With A Chicken Teriyaki Casserole!

I have something to confess. I might make tons of wonderful food and share those recipes with you all, but I have a favorite food that I have not told anyone about. I love going to the mall food court and getting one of those meals that has Teriyaki chicken, veggies, and fried rice. I absolutely love eating this meal. However, I cannot eat it that much because I know that is probably has tons of fats and sugars that I don’t need.
One day I decided to allow myself to indulge and I went to the mall and got MY FAVORITE meal! I was eating the meal and was thinking to myself that I could probably make this. And why have I not made this before?! I mean it is easy enough. I cook every single day of my life, surely I can figure this out. So, I did just that and I figured out how to make one of MY FAVORITE dishes.
I made my favorite meal into my now favorite homemade dish. I made a teriyaki chicken casserole! It turned out so wonderful. I was impressed with myself! My kids really loved this meal too. They also love the same meal from that mall food court too. I was happy to make it myself and control the portion sizes as well. We all know that those places give you more food then you would need in a day!

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