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Scalloped Potatoes Just Like Grandma Makes!

If there was one thing about Easter that I looked forward to, it was going to spend time at my Grandma’s house. She lived in the same town where I was born and raised, but after I got married, my husband and I moved away so that he could advance at his job. No matter what though, when we left, I told Grandma we would always come home for Easter. We packed up the kids every year in the rental car and made the eight hour drive back home.

It was exhausting, but so worth it to be greeted by that warm smile and hug that only a Grandma can give. We usually would stay at least a few days, and then on Easter, everyone would come over and we would feast. Grandma always made the best scalloped potatoes.

They were just like this recipe from Group Recipes. If there were ever any leftovers, I was sure to polish them off before we left. I knew I wasn’t going to have Grandma’s cooking again for a while, and I didn’t want anything to go to waste!

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