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Rocky River Rainbow Yard Decorating

We gathered up all our old cans of spray paints. Anything in bright colors was okay for mine! But certainly go with the colors you want. A variety of blues would be amazing!


Some bigger rocks we gathered up free but we needed more so bought a few bags of river rock. We did wash ours to be sure the paint would stick well.


I used leftever tins to paint in but boxes work as well. Once you spray the rocks, let them dry then flip them over or at least get their sides that might show. The painting is what took the most time. My granddaughter helped with the spray painting- she’s a great help!

We mixed our colors up to get a rainbow effect. Pretty, right?


Last you’ll trim off the edge of the landscaping fabric from the edges to better define the wavy river look. Or you could add mulch or plants along the edge.

We added some bags of “glow in the dark” rocks from Amazon but our area is rather shady. Perhaps if used in a sunnier location they’d glow brighter. If you try that let me know how it works for you.

Our gnomes really enjoy their Rainbow River- it’s magical!