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Repurposed Dresser Converted to Bathroom Vanity

Are you interested in a repurposed dresser converted to bathroom vanity with a vessel sink? You’re in luck! That’s our tutorial today!

repurposed dresser converted to bathroom vanity

can you use a dresser as a bathroom vanity?

One of our local customers asked if we could convert an antique dresser that she had into a bathroom vanity for their home.



So I ran the idea by my hubby to make sure it would fit his schedule. He is a teacher and is still working full-time hours. Most of the work he does here at Reinvented Delaware is after work and on the weekends or during his summer break.

Doing the work was not a problem by any means. If you saw our laundry room makeover you would understand what I mean! He even turned a china cabinet into a laundry room sink and cabinet about 6-7 years ago!



We just had to be sure he had the time 🙂



He said yes!! Woohoo bring that dresser over to my workshop and let’s get to it!!



how to remove an old finish from wood

The first step was to remove the old finish on the antique oak 3-drawer dresser. I only had to do this step on the top since the body of the dresser would be painted. The top would be natural wood.

One thick coat of Multi-Strip Advanced was all this top needed. I allowed the Multi-Strip to sit on the top for about an hour.


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