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Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Cookies

So we can all pretty much agree that fruit and chocolate is a match made in heaven, right? Strawberries and chocolate, bananas and chocolate, cherries and chocolate…all great combos. Also, raspberries and chocolate, which we put together in these raspberry chocolate chunk cookies. Considering how much we love cookies, we’re a little shocked we didn’t think to do this sooner, but we’re just focusing on how happy we are that we did, since these little guys are ridiculously tasty.

You start off with a standard chocolate chip cookie dough – except there’s more brown sugar to give it a deeper flavor and we use chocolate chunks instead of chips – but what’s unique is that we stir in frozen raspberries at the end and end up with a gorgeously marbled cookie with molten chocolate chunks and juicy berries in each bite. Yeah, we thought that sounded pretty good.

One thing to keep in mind though: you’ll want to make sure your berries are very much still frozen when you mix them in. They don’t have to be, but a fresh or thawed berry will break down in the batter and turn it blue. We love having the marbled effect, so we kept ours mostly frozen, but broke the berries up a bit as we folded them in, but if you just want pure pops of pink, make sure they’re frozen solid when they go in the batter.We were so thrilled with how these cookies turned out. The chocolate chunks add richness while the berries add a fresh twist, and we’ve made them several times now, plus given the recipe to friends who’ve absolutely demanded it once they tried these! If you want a cookie that looks as great as it tastes, look no further, these are for you!

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