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Quick and Easy Stair Makeover

I hate my parents’ stairs to their basement. The house is only 3ish years old but these stairs have scuff marks everywhere, they were clearly constructed in a rush, and of course my parents opted for cheap leftover materials to cover the treads. No two stairs are exactly the same size. Plus, to hide the edges of said leftover materials, they opted for those terrible metal stair noses that are screwed down and catch socks all the time…she said with some personal experience.

Bottom stair section BEFORE
Bottom stair section BEFORE.
Top stair section BEFORE.

Several months ago, my mom and I discussed choosing a self-adhesive wallpaper to stick on the stair risers to cover the scuff marks and try to beautify the stairs a bit. Fast forward to the week before Mother’s Day, and my mom had picked a wallpaper and started the project herself.

She did one stair.

Then Mother’s Day weekend, she asked if I would finish the project as my gift to her. Isn’t that convenient?! lol

So, last Saturday I gathered the few tools required for this simple project, waited until my husband took our kids shopping, and got to work…in my pajamas. Yes, this project is easy enough to do on a holiday weekend in your pajamas. In total, I think it took me an hour to do the 13 stairs left to me. Doable, right?

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