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Quick and Easy Interior Slab Door Makeover With Trim

We live in a relatively older home (built in the 1960s) with lots of finishes that are basic, old, and out of style. In one section of the home, there are several old boring slab hollow core doors that are in much need of a makeover. While I could replace them, adding a little trim to these interior slab doors does the trick for a fraction of the cost of door replacement. I’ll walk you through how I did it below.

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  • Nail gun
  • Thin wood strips (I used leftover vinyl flooring but ¼” plywood would be perfect)
  • Caulk
  • Paint
quick and easy interior slab door makeover with trim

Step 1: Plan your design

There are so many different door styles out there that you could do to makeover your interior slab doors. You could cover the whole thing, do something super elaborate like a chevron pattern, or do something more traditional like the paneled shaker style door I did here. I also did this style for my  barn doors that sit in this hallway, so it only made sense to make this match in style (not color). 

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