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Quick and Easy Dried Flowers

We’ve been wanting do a gallery wall in our front hall for a while now. First step is finding enough interesting pieces to make up a nice gallery! So I decided to make a few pieces myself using a very easy and very quick flower drying technique.

I love the simple look of specimen art so I decided to recreate that using dried flowers.

I experimented with a bunch of different flowers using a bouquet (thanks Matt) that was about to turn. I tried different ones until I got the look I wanted.

quick and easy dried flowers

What you will need for this project:

2 heavy microwave safe plates

–       Paper towel

–       Flowers or greenery

–       Frames

I used heavy clay plates for this project.

You will want to first prep your flowers by cutting them as close to the bud as possible. You will want your flower to be as flat as possible so get rid of anything that isn’t visually appealing and adds bulk.

You will then want to line your plate with a few sheets of paper towel. The paper towel will absorb and pull away the excess water from the flowers, allowing the flower to dry.

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