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Pumpkin Crisp

This is my cousin’s recipe. She makes this every year for Thanksgiving. It is so YUMMY! Please note: Allow to cool so it sets before you flip.
-I want to make the Pumpkin Crisp. I have all of the ingredients, however I do have a question about how to make the topping.
Do you soften the cream cheese and mix it with the cool whip and the confectioners sugar? You do not give any directions on how to do the topping. Need help here.
Thank you
-Made this for a big crowd and it was an overwhelming hit! Will keep the recipe and make it again! Thank you for posting and sharing and congrats on the “grand prize”
-I made this last year, everyone wanted more and asked where I got the recipe from. I think all my friends and family will be making this. This is terrific, thank you for submitting this.

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