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Pistachio Nut Cake

So green and sooo good! This cake is extra moist because of the addition of the pudding… which in my book makes it extra TASTY too! I like to double the amount of icing for full coverage.
Reviews :
-After prayer meeting tonight I made the frosting for this cake. It also was soooooooooooo easy. Cake is in refrigerator in a cake taker.
I was told that tomorrow is NOT a pot luck get-together. 🙁
A couple from the church that usually takes care of the kitchen for super seniors is making a meal as a gift to the super seniors…no charge. I was going to take my cake anyway; but decided not to. Some friends of ours have their daughter in from Wisconsin so I will share this cake with them instead. I know they will love it. BTW I ate another one of the cupcakes…with frosting this time. YUMMY! I can see why this cake won a blue ribbon!! 4/3/13
Will add the last of my pictures…until I cut the cake.
-I decided to make a Pistachio Nut Cake to take to a Super Senior gathering at church tomorrow…and THIS is the blue ribbon recipe that I chose to make. It was easy to throw together and the batter was soooo yummy. I made 6 cupcakes with some of the batter so I would be sure to have a taste of this cake. Shame on me. Right?
The new size for cake mixes is 16.5 oz so that is what I used (not 18.25). Worked out fine. When I went to WalMart for the ingredients for this cake they did not have carbonated water or club soda….so I bought 7-UP. Figured that was the closet thing…
Baked the cup cakes for 25 minutes. Then put the bundt pan in the oven for 45 minutes. Used a cake tester in all and it came out clean.
I couldn’t wait to frost the cupcakes…so I ate one without frosting. OH MY…so YUMMY!! Will post the pictures that I took so far.

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