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Pineapple Praline Bread

The Philippines is well known for its Pineapple. We have hectares and hectares of plantations of this juicy, sweet-tangy fruit in the southern part of the country. I remember the first time my husband Mark came to our country over a decade ago. He tasted some pineapples and declared that it was the tastiest pineapple slices he’s ever had. I didn’t really care much for what he said then as pineapples were no big deal in our country, almost something we take for granted as it’s quite common and ordinary.

Crushed pineapple makes this Pineapple Praline bread super moist and flavorful. No butter or oil is ever used in the batter. The crunchy pecan topping makes it even more scrumptious.

However, as it usually happens when you suddenly realize that you no longer have the same things around when you transfer to another place; you crave what was once familiar. So when I see fresh pineapples I buy at least one. I have even dared peeling it on my own, something I have never ever done when I was in the Philippines. Glad I learned how to do it.

Now comes this delicious and easy to make bread that’s full of pineapple flavor and juiciness! The good thing is, you don’t need to actually get the freshest pineapple around though am sure that would make a big difference. A good quality canned one will do. Most of all, not only does this bread boast juicy goodness it is also topped with a crunchy, nutty super yummy topping. The recipe makes 2 large loaves. Great for gift giving when baked in 4 small loaf pans! Awesome!

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