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Phyllis’s Strawberry Cotton Candy Salad

Cotton Candy Salad has always been a passenger in our picnic basket next to all the other goodies! It’s the perfect dessert for picnics at the park or even at the beach! All the taste of cotton candy without the sticky mess.

Cotton Candy Salad has always been my favorite during our picnics as a kid. I used to rush through the rest of my meal just to enjoy the sweet taste of it. The combination of cherries and strawberries with the fluffiness of the whipped topping. I used to enjoy watching my mom make it. Adding every ingredient carefully and folding them all together. It was like magic right before my eyes when the white of the whipped topping disappeared and turned pink! This dessert definitely goes great with Copycat Chick-fil-A . It’s not a picnic unless I have a big bowl of this pink treat!

This sweet treat has also been a comfort food for me on nights where my mood wasn’t as great as it should’ve been. I’d whip up a quick batch and enjoy it. It always made me smile as well as remind me of my mom. Remembering the times when she’d make it and enjoy the summer picnics we had together. This dessert has always had a place in my life no matter how old I was! I’d even make some for my friends who were feeling down and needed something great! Most of my friends knew they were getting a big bowl of Cotton Candy Salad when I came running! It definitely brightened moods and put smiles on their faces. Sometimes they’d just call and ask for a bowl and I’d rush right over, no questions asked.

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