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Phones With Greatest Radiation Rate. Avoid These…

We are all shocked to see that some phones are radioactive. Check a list we have provided for you and see what phone you have!

Group of experts found that in the Institute Israel – Weizmann, was a publication of a study with stunning results. Even short using and exposing to phones is radioactive, even just 10 minutes. This might damage the brain and impact cancer cells.


The main expert leading the study, said this increases brain cancer risks in kids between 10-12 since they use the phones the most.

There is more. Sadly, this damage is severe since the young brains develop still and even with this fact, more and more kids have phones these days and the age decreases by the day.

The internet has different theories on this and is said that phones can be tested for that rate.

See and read more the see the impact of your phone on you. The max limit is 1.6 watt per kg and you must see the worst phones list for this reason. Change the phone if yours is on the top of the list.

We assume you worry by now, so just try and check the list we provided and avoid most of the phones mentioned.

Source and image source: secretnutritions.com