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Party Corn Dip

A Mexican-style corn dip that’s addictively good and that you can throw together in just 15 minutes. Makes for a perfect party snack!

Like most of the country in late November, my refrigerator is full of Thanksgiving leftovers.

We’ve had turkey and stuffing for dinner for the past few days (no judging!) and the laziness in me loves all these easy meals.

So when an old friend of mine told me we were going to have the neighbors over for a puppy play date, I had a bit of a dilemma:

What could I whip together that wouldn’t add to the pile of to the leftovers we still had yet to conquer?

And as luck would have it, inspiration struck in the form of this easy Mexican corn dip.

The only instructions I got from an old friend of mine was that we were going to have “wine and cheese and crackers.” Which we almost always have on hand anyway (remember, no judging!)

But I’m supposed to be serving this makeshift wine and cheese platter at 5PM, right around the time most people are expecting a “real” dinner.

Wine is great and all (and for us humans, it makes everything the dogs do together that much more hilarious) but I wanted there to be something a little more substantial to eat around dinner time. The plan wasn’t to serve dinner – it was just meant to be a quick visit to enjoy everyone’s company, so I wanted to make sure we all had enough food in our system to get us to whatever our “real” dinner plans would be.

Like, say, another big helping of turkey and stuffing.

Wine and corn dip might seem a little odd on the surface, but it ended up being a great solution – an easy finger food that we can eat on the move yet hardy enough that it was filling.

Plus, the extra mobility allowed us to the dogs as they romped and played through the house.

Bonus points for this recipe being another one on my “to make” bucket list, and it’s definitely one I’ll be making again.

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