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Orange Bread Pudding

Oh, my stars. Sweet, moist, chewy, almost sinfully delicious bread pudding. There’s just nothing better, is there? There’s a reason that this classic has stood the test of time and that countries all around the world have their own versions of it. Our version has bright, citrusy orange and chewy raisins and we think it’s just about perfect.


Bread pudding takes leftover stale bread and turns it into a soft and custardy dream-come-true. It’s like magic! Though if we’re being honest, we sometimes buy bread and leave it out to harden with the express purpose of making this dish. In any case, make sure your bread has been sitting out for at least a day. You can even toast up the cubes a bit in the oven to dry it out further. You just want it to have enough structure that it stands up to soaking in all that milk and eggy goodness. You can even let the bread soak in the fridge overnight to save yourself time the next day.


Though bread pudding may technically be a dessert, we often like ours for breakfast or brunch. After all, it really is just a cousin of French toast! This bread pudding is such a crowd-pleaser though that no one will care what time of year or day you serve it. It sure is a great way to start the day!

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