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Operation Functional Closet Space

We all have that one child who refuses to use their hangers leaving the floor covered or the closet a mess. Turn that wasted closet space into something more useful

operation functional closet space

Step 1 the beforeStart by removing all items from the closet including these existing shelf and hanger rod. In my case this was as simple as removing 3 screws on each side.

Step 2 build new shelfIn this step I cut 3 pieces of 1×4 pine board to line the upper portion this will hold a new shelf as well as hooks to use instead of hangers

Step 3 painted wallsPainted walls of closet using some left over paint from another project. This is a Sherwin Williams peppercorn. Also added to supports in this step these will support the hanging desk 1/2 black pipe and fittings sizing is specific to each project.

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