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Ooey Gooey Brownie Pudding

As much as our family loves a dessert in any shape and form, the one sweet treat we can’t live without is chocolate. And just as we love desserts in any form, we love chocolate in pretty much every possible form. From cakes to puddings, cookies and brownies, and everything in between, we have yet to meet a chocolate we don’t like.


We just discovered the ultimate dessert for chocolate lovers! A chewy, moist layer of brownie hides a decadent, gooey center full of warm, melted chocolate; €”it’s a sweet-tooth paradise! The trick to achieving the pudding-like middle that makes this treat so irresistible is baking it in a water bath. This can be done “family-style” – as in one big bowl – or as individual-sized servings in ramekins. The bigger pan holds the water, allowing the batter to cook in a moist, indirect heat that results in creamy, chocolaty perfection. We are definitely in love with this unbelievable brownie pudding!

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