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One Pan Chicken Dinner

The only thing more satisfying than preparing a delicious meal in no time at all is having minimal cleanup to do when the cooking is done. That’s where ingenious one-pan recipes come into play. Foodies and innovative home chefs have adopted the quick and efficient method of cooking an entire meal in a single baking sheet or fry pan to cut down time in the kitchen. It’s a time-sensitive way to cook that doesn’t leave you with a sink full of dishes to wash and put away when you’re done eating. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your weeknight chicken dinner routine, one-pan recipes are the way to go.

Simply do a bit of prep work in the kitchen and line a baking sheet with aluminum foil or turn on a stovetop burner to get started. If you’re making a sheet-pan recipe, you’ll just have to set a timer and remove your finished meal from the oven when it’s done. Stovetop one-pan recipes are a bit more hands-on, but they’re still far easier than traditional cooking methods and eliminate much of the muss and fuss around cleaning. Either way, you can whip up a savory chicken dinner in flash with minimal cleanup time.
Try your hand at one of these 10 chicken one-pan recipes this week to see if the simplified cooking method is for you.

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