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Nostalgic Banana Split Cake

I love a good old-fashioned poke cake! You know, the type filled with a creamy center, and with a little crumble. It is a weird texture when you try to describe it, but when you are eating it, it is absolutely delicious, am I right? This cake is just everything you dream for in a poke cake, but it is better, want to know why? It is better because it resembles MY FAVORITE ice cream sundae: banana split! Every single time I go to Carvel or Dairy Queen, I get a banana split.

They are usually too big to eat on my own, so I make sure I am going with someone I can share it with. Now do not get me wrong, I COULD eat it on my own if I wanted to, I am just making sure I have enough room in my tummy for a side of fries along with it.

I mean, what is an ice cream sundae without the fries? Well, friends, if you are a banana split lover like me, you are absolutely going to love this recipe. It is easy, feeds a crowd and really hassle free.
Photo and recipe courtesy of Tablespoon and One Pan Nan.

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