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New Cheap Floor

Depending on your floor, repairs or replacement can be quite costly. We have found a way to cut costs and have a beautiful floor with little effort.
This will work on any type of floor. Make sure, whatever floor you are doing, is cleaned. If you have uneven spots on your floor try to make them even by sanding them down.
Got to your local menards or any hardware store.
Supplies you will need.
● Large roll of paper (thickness depends on your preference but, I think thicker paper is much easier to work with)
● One gallon or more of Elmer’s glue
● One to two gallons of polyurethane (we used an oil based but, water based is less smelly)
Tear your pieces of paper in any size and shape you’d like.
Mix your glue with water, ratio is 1:1.
Put your paper into the glue and crinkle your paper to wring it out, this will give you the effect in you paper that looks like cracks.
After you wring out your paper, open it up and spread it flat onto your surface, smoothing it out and pushing out any air bubbles underneath.
Once you get your floor covered the way you like it, let it dry over night.
Time to apply your polyurethane. There are several ways to apply it so, Google them and see which is best for you.
Our floor took 5 coats of polyurethane. On the fourth coat, once it was dry, we sand it with 220 grit sand paper. This will help smooth the surface from any imperfections.
This is a little hard on the back and knees.

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