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My Favorite Lasagna

I love this lasagna.. So Yummy! The flavor literally explodes in your mouth! Adapted from Pioneer Woman.
-Excellent recipe. I make nearly the same, but I had never thought of using eggs with the cottage cheese. Will try it next time. Congratulations on a winner!!
-It is the only lasagna recipe that I will use!
This recipe is almost the same one that has been passed down in our family, as our favorite lasagna recipe. It is very easy to put together and has the terrific homemade goodness my family loves.
It can be made ahead and baked later, which is good for busy households. It’s a great dish to take when that request comes around also.
IF we have leftovers, this is one of those recipes that tastes as good or better after sitting. Even though my family is now down to just my husband and I, I make the full size recipe for that reason.
-My family happily ate this tonight. I hate to see recipes for things like lasagna that say to use a jar of spaghetti sauce! I think lasagna should be an all from scratch sort of meal. I did not use hot sausage because some of my children are real small and would not like that so I used mild italian in its place.

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