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Mom Knows Newborn She’s Holding Isn’t Hers. Months Later, Doctor Taken Away In Handcuffs

When Mercedes and Richard first become proud parents to a beautiful child by the name of Jacob two years ago, their excitement soon gave way to an unmistakable feeling that something wasn’t right. Each member of the couple was a non US citizen at this time and while they were happy to be parents, they believed a mix up had occurred.

Mercedes’ intuition told her that her child was elsewhere and since their child was likely to have a fairer complexion than their own, they began to wonder if their baby had been sold to a human trafficker. Within a few short months, a DNA test had proven that their suspicions were correct.

Once they came to this realization, the couple headed back to El Salvador to see if they could locate their biological child. However, it was very difficult for them to say goodbye to the baby that they had been raising, even though they knew deep down that the child was not their own.

Jacob was soon united with his biological parents and the couple met with local officials to plead for assistance. Local news outlets broadcast their story and things would soon take a turn for the better when a local hospital reported the arrival of four different baby boys.

These baby boys were DNA tested and wouldn’t you know it? One of them came back as a perfect match for Mercedes and Richard. As a result of what taken place, the doctor at the hospital where the children were born was led away in handcuffs and his staff members are currently under criminal investigation.

Their real son, who is named Moses, needed to clear a few legal hurdles before the family could make their return to the United States. The process is not yet over and we are sending our best wishes to this family during their journey. No child ever deserves to be unlawfully separated from their biological parents and we hope this medical team is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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