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Mock Apple Cobbler

Apple cobbler is absolutely delicious. Served a la mode, or with a little whipped cream, or just all on its lonesome, it’s always good. And this… so is this. This cobbler tastes just like apple cobbler, but it doesn’t have a single apple in it. It’s chock full of zucchini!

… Did we lose you?
We know. You’re thinking, apple cobbler is good just the way it is, apples are easy to come by… so, why? Why on earth would you put a green veggie in a cobbler? Well, there are a few reasons. Hear us out:

1) Maybe you grow a garden. Maybe you made the mistake of planting more than one zucchini plant. Maybe you now have zucchini coming out of your ears. What if you could take 8 of those zucchini and make them into something that you absolutely won’t believe isn’t apple cobbler? That’s a good solution as far as we’re concerned. It’s a great solution.

2) Maybe your children won’t eat vegetables. Maybe you take those vegetables and hide them in one sweet, warm, bubbly dish of deliciousness and they gobble them down willingly. Sure, it’s dessert. Sure, it’s sugary. But there are vitamins in there too. Good squashy, green ones.

3) Maybe you like to play pranks on people. Maybe you bake this up without telling anyone what’s in it and you serve it at the end of a nice home cooked meal with a little ice cream and smile as your guests silently scarf it down and just when they go to ask for seconds, you say, “Ha! That was zucchini!” And then you all laugh and eat the whole thing because you can’t believe just how good it tastes.

Seriously. You’re not going to believe the end result here. It’s like someone put a spell on your oven and turned that squash into sweet and tender apples. You’ve got to try it at least once.

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