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Miss Susan’s Pineapple Sheet Cake

The inspiration for this recipe came from Miss Susan’s Pineapple Sheet Cake recipe, which I found on Pinterest. From this recipe I decided to make a few changes. I decided to use white and brown sugar instead of just white sugar. I also decided to take out two tablespoons of pineapple juice and replace it with one tablespoon of canola oil.

I would describe this loaf as similar to a banana bread, but with pineapple. I’m not a huge fan of pineapple, however I wanted to give it a try. I found the pineapple loaf cake to be sweet – with a nice amount of pineapple and vanilla flavour. Experimenting is part of the fun with my food blog, so I think this was a success. I didn’t make the cream cheese icing from the original recipe because I am tired of cream cheese frosting. The icing sugar and milk drizzle was perfect and light. My pineapple loaf cake was a sweet treat and turned out well. If you are looking for an afternoon snack give this recipe a try.

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