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Maw’s Spaghetti

My grandma made this for us when we were growing up, and I’ve yet to find a homemade spaghetti sauce I like better. It is best after the flavors meld overnight.
-I loved the sauce!!!! I cooked it a bit longer than your directions call for and it was marvelous!!!! Thank you again and thank your grandma for passing down so it could be enjoyed by all who make it, possibly tweak it but most of all say just how much they love it!!!!
-This sounds wonderful, I saved the recipe some time ago. When my son arrives June 2 from Asia I want to let him help me make it.
Hugs to all…And, thanks for the post !!
-I made this the other day and we love it! I switched off the salt pork for 3 strips of thick cut bacon. My sweetie said it’s the best I’ve made! I couldn’t keep the spoon from going in and out of the sauce LOL! I use egg noodles vice spaghetti noodles. What a great dish.
-My mom’s recipe, gotten from a Sicilian lady, has no Italian seasonings at all, but includes 6 cloves (not garlic), and 3 broken-up cinnamon sticks. The sauce is simmered for 3 hours and does not have that “raw” taste of paste. It also contains coarsely chopped or home-canned tomatoes. It is to die for.

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