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Margarita Pie

Hi Terri, thanks for sharing this recipe with us. Made it yesterday and it’s half gone. Yummy, simple, easy. It took me more time to zest my limes on a grater than the recipe took to make. I’m treating myself to a micro plane soon. Shirley Murtagh, yes I used regular sweetened condensed milk.
This is a great summer pie, with a neat ‘twist’ on the crust. It’s simple, light, tart and fruity … and a great finish to a summer meal!
-Oh, and as far as using the lime zest goes, you can certainly leave it out, if you don’t care for it. It’s not just for decoration, it also adds a real hearty, zesty punch to the pie. But by all means, leave it out, if you don’t care for it. And as far as making the pretzel crust, I do not. But you certainly could. Just for a few minutes though… Too crunchy, and you don’t want to break a tooth! LOL!
Remember, it’s a margarita pie, not a key lime pie. So, therein lies the difference between the salty pretzel crust and the graham cracker crust, and the addition of the lime zest. Supposed to resemble a margarita, sans the tequila! LOL!
-I’m so sorry I haven’t responded to any of these lovely comments. Thank you all, for supporting my recipe. I haven’t made this in a couple of Summers. Been trying to watch what I eat! LOL!
To answer some questions, yes you can use whole sweetened condensed milk, as opposed to the fat free. You can also whip up your own heavy cream and use real whipped cream, if you prefer. It’s your choice! The recipe is made lower-fat and lower-calorie, to cater to those who prefer that.
Thank you, just a pinch, for the feature on this recipe! I do appreciate it, very much!
Cindy “Straw”, how are you?! Haven’t heard from you in so long! Hope you are well.

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