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Amish Zebra Cashew Clusters

In the depths of the town’s low-ceilinged general store, the small barrel bins of candy housed the sweet relief after a long day of school and an even longer and dreaded evening of homework. There were sour and sweet gummies, chewy taffies, and meltaway squares of fudge, but nothing was quite like the intriguingly named Amish Zebra Cashew Clusters. For the briefest moment, you could slowly savor your time between school and homework by eating one of these clusters. Maybe you’re not a child anymore, but we need some of these candies to get that feeling again.

Why these candies are called Amish Zebra Cashew Clusters is probably based on their appearance. Simple answer. Why are they Amish? Well, it’s hard to say, but the closer you get to Pennsylvania, the more you see these clusters. A mound of cashews mixed with white chocolate is garnished with stripes of chocolate, making for a palatable balance of sweet and chocolatey richness. Salted roasted cashews add the well-needed balance to the chocolate, meaning the salty-sweet combination is at peak perfection here. These clusters are perfect candies to not just eat, but also give. Amish Zebra Cashew Clusters would be great additions to a holiday cookie tin or a gift for the host or hostess of a party.

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