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Make an Easy Valentine’s Arrangement

How about making a fun and simple Valentine’s arrangement to enjoy yourself, or to give as a gift?
make an easy valentine s arrangement
Start this project with a pair of clear glass cylinders, one that fits inside the other. You can notice that my smaller one is not a true cylinder. It is best if you can find similar height and simple cylinders.
The smaller container must fit inside the larger one with a space between the two.

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In order to make my containers level at the top, I filled the bottom of my larger container with a couple of inches of conversation hearts.
Using waterproof floral tape, make a grid across the top of the smaller container.
Time to get out some Press’n Seal or some similar wrap that will seal well.
Fill the smaller container with water and seal the top of it with the plastic wrap as shown above. Trim the plastic wrap so there is only enough to seal the top edge.
Set the covered smaller container inside the larger one and begin to fill the space between the containers with candy conversation hearts.
Fill the space between the two cylinders all the way to the top.
Carefully peel the plastic wrap off of your smaller cylinder. This method should keep water out of your candies and candy out of your water.
Now it is time to add flowers to your container. Use the grid to stick your stems through.
Continue to add flowers to build up your arrangement.
I used all daisies for my arrangement and then added some babies breath to mine. Miniature carnations would be an easy alternative for this arrangement.
I found these cute conversation heart picks at Hobby Lobby to keep my theme going!
There you have it! Make your own conversation  heart flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day! You could also fill the space with red hots, or wrapped Valentine chocolates!