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MAGIC Healing Peppermint Tea: Treat Cough, Sore Throat And More

Peppermint is a powerful additive to everything from floss and toothpaste to mint mojitos. While mint has no shortage of added benefits, most people fail to realize just how important it is to their diet and overall health.


In addition to the calming effects that peppermint is known for, there are several ways that peppermint tea can improve your hair, skin, and health. The following guide shares 20 different peppermint tea benefits.


Acne is a major problem for adolescents and adults alike. While you can visit a dermatologist and take medication to treat acne, the most effective solution may be closer than you think.

With the help of peppermint, you can use tea to help eliminate your zits. By drinking this tea, you’ll benefit from the long-term effects of drying out excessively oily skin. With your oil under control, you’ll start seeing a significant reduction in acne until your face is completely clear.


Making a habit of drinking this tea won’t just help reduce your acne, it will bring your oily skin back to life. The antioxidants in this tea work to keep oil from clogging your pores.

The menthol inside the peppermint will lower the level of oil-secreting in your skin. Essentially, drinking this tea will result in oil-free skin.


Sensitive skin tends to be prone to irritation. The UV rays in sunlight and similar harsh elements can significantly irritate the skin. To combat this irritation, use this tea as a treatment for skin infections, sunburns, and wrinkles.

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