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Lose 30 lbs with This 7-Day Sugar Detox Menu Plan

Here are the most important reasons as to why you should be distinct from sugar in spite of everything:

  • Has no nutrition value whatsoever
  • It’s very addictive
  • Increases the serotonin levels
  • May engender gallstones
  • Subdues the immunity
  • Triggers adrenal fatigue
  • Weakens the eyesight
  • Can cause arthritis
  • Causes premature aging
  • Leads to heart problems
  • It drains your energy
  • Depletes the minerals from the body
  • Raises the risks of diabetes

These are the same reasons we want to provide you with a splendid sugar detox menu which will help you control and eventually overcome your addiction. Check it out!

Sugar Detox Weekly Menu


  • Breakfast – cheesy spinach with some baked eggs
  • Morning snack – tamari almonds
  • Lunch – low carbs cheesy sweet pepper peppers and a green salad
  • Evening snack – ¼ cup of low fat and part skim ricotta cheese, 2-3 drops of vanilla stevia and a ¼ tsp of vanilla extract
  • Dinner – spinach, cucumber tomato feta salad, and stuff chicken (baked)


  • Breakfast – sundried tomato feta frittata
  • Morning snack – tamari almonds
  • Lunch – spinach & chicken with pepper peppers
  • Evening snack – spinach and raw veggies
  • Dinner – turkey lettuce with mushrooms, peppers, and sautéed spinach

You can have cheese sticks as snacks throughout this whole day.


  • Breakfast – peanut butter protein smoothie
  • Morning snack – 3 egg whites, boiled
  • Lunch – Turkey lettuce cups leftovers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumber, and a green salad with vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil & regular olive oil
  • Evening snack – feta cheese with frittata
  • Dinner – a light vegetable soup, and grilled chicken. You can add some fresh herbs as an adhesive.

For this day, vanilla chia pudding is allowed to be taken as a snack, only without dairy or sugar.


  • Breakfast – Santa Fe Frittata’s
  • Morning snack – cheese sticks
  • Lunch – grilled chicken cilantro salad
  • Evening snack – peanut butter with some celery
  • Dinner – a crock pot chicken with a bean stew and small bites of Zucchini cheese

If you crave extra snacks for the day, you can have a cucumber with ½ a cup of the low-fat cottage.

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