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1) whisk white with sugar, once stiff peak sift in corn flour (I added sugar and corn flour in the whisking)

2) beat yolk and sugar add oil gradually follow by milk and essence.

3) add flour and incorporate to the batter

4) take 1/3 white and whisk into (3)

5) whisk the balance white into (4)

6) remove 4Tbs of batter for spots

7) balance batter pour into cuppies

1)Take 2Tbs of batter mix with 1/2 tsp coco powder
2) take 2 Tbs of batter mix with 1/2tsp coco powder and charcoal powder

Pour batter into piping bag and Draw spot on the cuppies

Bake in water bath
Oven temp 110c bake for 25mins
140c for 10mins
160c for 5-10mins

( I followed the temp but my cuppies were under bake so I used 180c for the last baking time for about 10mins. Pls adjust accordingly)