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Jewish Apple Cake

Apples are in season throughout the year, but most especially in the fall, when growers harvest all kinds of different varieties. Whether you’re headed out apple picking, hitting up a local farmers market, or just attracted by all the amazing apple varieties in the grocery store, it’s hard not to get inspired by all things apple.

One of our favorite apple recipes comes from an old college friend who lives on the east coast. It’s called a Jewish Apple Cake and is a popular recipe in many American church cookbooks. It’s also one those recipes that likely has several different interpretations depending on households, neighborhoods, and regions. We’ve all enjoyed apple cakes before, so how one would stand out from another might seem a bit difficult. Once you’ve tasted this cake, you’ll know why it’s such a popular recipe.

We love that it’s made with orange juice instead of milk; the acidity of the juice and the bright citrus flavor add great taste and texture to the overall experience. There’s not really a hard and fast rule about what kind of apple to use, so unless you’re following an old family recipe that calls for a specific apple, feel free to choose any baking apple, even a couple different varieties for a more dynamic flavor experience.

Layers could be another reason to love this cake, and for some reason, we always love a bundt cake, so two favorites merge together into one. The bundt shape gives this humble cake a little elegance, while the layers mean we get more opportunity to enjoy delicious apple flavor in each bite. What else makes this cake special? The fact that its meant to be shared with family and friends is one more good reason why this cake tastes so good.

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