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INSIDE Kitchen Cabinet Chalkboard Paint

Just a little CHALKBOARD PAINT is all it takes to change the way you look at the INSIDES of your cabinet doors.
If you have magnetic poetry on your fridge door then you are going to love this playful message spin!
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kitchen cabinet chalkboard paint
Get all the materials I used for this project:
Painters tape   (Amazon)
Chalkboard Paint   (Amazon)
Paint brush   (Amazon)
Chalk   (Amazon)
I was looking for a quick and easy paint project to do when my mom asked if I had room on a wall or vase for chalkboard paint. Then she mentioned she had a friend who had painted the inside of a cabinet door for grocery lists.
BOOM! I had my project. Fun & easy!
My spice cabinet was the perfect spot for a chalkboard. It was looking a little worn with tape residue from posting recipes and school schedules on it. It also had a built in frame!
So the I went to Walmart to buy chalkboard paint. It was $9.98 for paint and $3.87 for spray. So I bought the spray. Then I came home and taped off the area.
kitchen cabinet chalkboard paint
Next I sprayed several layers of the chalkboard paint. Note: WEAR A MASK! If your cupboard is above your head you will get paint on your face. I DO NOT recommend the spray paint. Overspray was on my ivory counter afterward (soap and water took it off) and I didn’t like the results.

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