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If You Love Chocolate, You’ll Love Tiger Butter

Tiger butter – a super easy candy made of melted white chocolate, mixed with creamy peanut butter, and swirled with milk chocolate! This special version also features chopped mini REESE’S cups on top!

Peanut butter and milk chocolate, a classic duo. A favorite combo of mine, to be sure. Of course, you could combine a great many things with peanut butter and I’d be pleased as punch. Better still than the traditional PB and milk chocolate pairing is PB plus milk chocolate PLUS white chocolate.

Now we’re *really* cookin’. The only way this could possibly get any better is if we also add dark chocolate. I know, that would be madness. Which is why we must do it.

I have a large party-size bag of mini REESE’S cups burning a hole in my pantry. It’s a bag of assorted cups, so it contains milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate REESE’S. #heavendoesexist. I spotted it at the grocery store over the weekend and I stopped in my tracks. I could not leave without it.

I LOVE tiger butter candy and thought it would be delicious and marvelous to chop up the assorted cups and sprinkle them on top of traditional tiger butter. Tiger butter is a layer of melted white chocolate mixed with creamy peanut butter, and then swirled with milk chocolate. It’s fantastic on its own, but it’s phenomenal with a sprinkling of chopped REESE’S. The result looks soooo pretty and swirly, and tastes divine.

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