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Welcome back to another raucous and titillating episode of What’s Poppin’ in the Powder Room. Reminder… the below photo was the beauty I started with. I added the wallpaper right when we moved in, but there wasn’t much else about this room that I liked.  Today I’m sharing one of the biggest ‘bang for your buck’ DIYs… how to PAINT a sink!


Paint a sink to look new and updated without spending a dime on plumbing.

So far, I’ve removed the toilet and peeled off all the wallpaper. And I’ve removed the dated blue tile and replaced it with pretty pretty penny tiles. Gah… I love them. But today I’m talking ’bout the sink. I toyed with replacing the whole thing with a pedestal sink, but turns out even that is too big for this space. Plumbing’s not my favorite can of worms, so I settled on a way to pretty-up this existing sink and I’m SO happy that I took this route. Here’s a close up of the before. Not that the turquoise sink wasn’t rad and all… but I needed it to go. (Full material list at end of post.)

How to transform and old vanity top with concrete for a budget bathroom makeover.

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