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How To Paint A Front Door

I stalled on this project for two years. my front door needed painted badly, but I didn’t want the work involved to do it. Our door needed stripped and sanded. Out of all the DIY projects we’ve done over the years, stripping paint is my least favorite. However, with the sheen on our door it was necessary. And so friends, I bit the bullet and got er done! This is how to paint a front door, based on my experience.

This weekend I finally decided to rip the bandaid off and go for it. And now I want to share how to paint a front door from personal experience. There are so many different ways to do it out there, and this was the one that worked for me.


how to paint a front door




I’m going to be completely honest, I have no idea what our door is made out of. It’s not solid wood, and it’s not metal. So where does that leave us? I haven’t a clue. Just to be safe, I knew I was going to have to strip and clean this door within an inch of its life to make sure the paint would stick.



When I painted the inside of this door black a few years ago, it turned out horrible. Anytime a nail scratches against it the paint comes off. If you wash a spot, the paint comes off. But I did it in haste and on a whim. I used semi gloss wall paint on the door and didn’t do any prep work. It’s not pretty friends. About once a month I get out the black paint and touch up the scratched and worn off spots. I didn’t want to have those issues on the outside of the door, which will get the brunt of all the seasons, as well as a lot more banged up, exposed, and rubbed against.


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